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Lampu Emergency Charger Philips TWS200 ( 30036 )
Lampu Emergency Charger Philips TWS200 ( 30036 )
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Jual Lampu Emergency Charger Philips TWS200 ( 30036 )

Spesifikasi Lampu Emergency Charger Philips TWS200 ( 30036 )

Philips TWS 200 Portable Emergency Light (White) includes high efficient battery and energy saving lamp. With fast 12 hours auto-charge and auto-on design, your room will still be lighted up by this bright lamp even during power failure. This Philips portable emergency batten gets auto-on during power failure. Keep light connected to mains for automatic recharging within 12 hours. There is a charging indicator to indicate charging status. It has Built-in handle, stand and mounting mechanism. The light is controlled by slide and cord switches which are included with the product. The light can be used for 4 hours (1 tube only) or 2 hours with both tubes operating simultaneously. The light is equipped with high efficiency Tri-band technology to ensure you can see the true colors. The color rendition index is greater than 80 Protection.

Auto-On during power failure
Slide and cord switches included
Suitable for anywhere in the home or in commercial areas
Flexibility to direct light where you need it the most
Portable, mountable and standable
True color rendition (CRI>80)
Energy-saving light bulb included
Built-in Philips conventional ballast
Deep Discharge Protection for prolonged battery life
Overcharge protection
Lamp: 2x14W TL5 Essential 865 Fluorescent tube

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