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Roleds RFL40C
Roleds RFL40C
Roleds RFL40C
Roleds RFL40C
Roleds RFL40C
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06 Mei 2019
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IDR 01


Special Characteristics 

Compact design for versatile use in the outdoor applications, such as ancient buildings, temples, small towns, etc. 



Product Description

Material: Anodized extruded aluminum housing,imported optical lens material, anti-corrosive and UV-resistant , IK07. The surface adopts an anodized process with a thermal conductivity of 230 W/m*K.


Light Distribution: Primary light distribution technology, high luminous efficacy, high color rendering index(CRI), high K value (cd/lm).


Performance: IP66; zero luminous depreciation @3000hrs; working temperature is from 55°C to -40 °C;lightning protection class is LV.4; thermoelectric separation design increases the stability of electrical performance and the lifespan of luminaires.


Lampu Sorot LED

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